Annual Appraisal 2013/14 – March 8th/9th – Options

Dissolve – – trusting the Dundee message in its contemporary guise is sufficiently reaching into wider awareness and action – see Dominy motion [in need of a seconder]

Reorganise – with a strong core of Constitution{?changeto extant model ?] Moderator, Secretary, Web editor, Subs sec. Needs certainty of a system of frequent consultation

Define and operate a continuing chaplaincy model  – more than just letting it drift on in present high dependency upon Challen/Abel/Fee.

Concentrate on last para of submission – Ellen Brown model



1. Furthering Dundee 1963  judgement on fraudulent finance

2. Theology – Context of Covenant – gift and trusteeship the ordinate premise – the inseparable double command ‘Love God and Neighbour[s]’ leads to radical inclusiveness – Reality interweaves the intimate, corporate and Global  everyday – Exploitation [usury] and Exponential growth are embedded and disastrous – Public truth is the exploration of faith; & genuine personal salvation only in that context

3. Economy/house-keeping of the eco-community [household of God] – must pursue inseparably but distinguishably both pastoral and prophetic insights acted out in the economy – must interweave the commons, just trading and basic livelihood for all creatures – the culture that moulds us into competion must be changed to co-operation

4. Societal integrity – the need of an ethical and inclusive social contract – the inseparability of principle and pragmatism, auditing each other at all times – distinguish monetised values and intrinsic values determined by inclusive marks of the Kin-dom of God – distinguish between Re-form [needed palliatives] & Re-design [ correcting long embedded design faults]

5. Churches and other faith traditions – recognizing theological resonance in other people and works of good faith Can we explain the theological resonance of Fred Harrison’s evolving Ten Theses []. They are expressed each in a paragraph, backed by 8-10 pages of widely examined historical and contemporary evidence. The 10 theses have this theological resonance:  value based: thinking about integrity: i.e. love of God as context for loving all right neighbourly relationships •  incarnational, observing the lost understanding of our part in the Covenant of gift and trusteeship • revelatory, because of diligent exposing of past behavior in the political economy eroding the commons exposing dangers of highly localised love of the protected self eroding mutuality and ecologically sound co-operation  • concerned with being ‘in Christ’ i.e. each of us seeking to be an humble manifestation of the power to influence • inclusive justice and trusteeship.

6. Severe constraints to the global quest for inclusive justice
–  The identity of the ‘children of the planet’ can never have a once-and-for-all fixed character, an immutable ‘body’. – Systems and institutions will of necessity be created to serve the transforming intentions of the great creative spirit energizing this planet; none but a loving creator’s Spirit can be absolutized.
– Humanity’s grounded givenness [incarnation] is in those clear marks of the character and mission of those who reach for the eco-community of that vocative, e-vocative, pro-vocative force hiding under the shadow of the human metaphor, God.
– Wisdom surfacing frequently and authentically in the great scriptures reveal this. But humans are to be people of spiritual perspective, that is, of wholeness in vision and inclusiveness in seeking justice, loving mercy and walking humbly before God [Micah 6:8].
– Example is seen in the Spirit in which Jesus shared such cosmic and inclusive wisdom in well earthed parables.
– This means that givenness can never be more than a revelatory starting point, a continually meaningful reference point, but not a pre-given static identity.”

Please note and reply if you can come to one or the other;  so that numbers are known.
8th at St James Piccadilly 1.30 – 4pm enter from Church Walk [ Picc  side of SJP]
9th at St.Mary’s Bourne St. Nr. Sloan Sq.U/ground   1.30 for …2 – 4pm. This ensures more involvement and a stronger discussion – because some can only manage the 8th and some only the 9thComing or not, please reflect on your understanding of and direction for our particular task.

Our task is different for instance to that of all these agencies with which we have engagements in various ways: Forum for Stable Currencies, Positive Money;    St. Paul’s Institute;   Op Noah;   CUF,  THEOS;    SYNTHESIS;    ECCR;    Runnymede Project;    ActNow Alliance,    NWA;    NJPN;    WTC. St Ethelburga’s;     Ekklesia;    CSM/Christians of the Left;    CPA;    Gaia network;    LSG;    CEJ;    CSF+ Claudius’ five.;    Critical Religion,  Critical Thinking,        Occupy and Occupy Faith;    NEF;    Finance Innovation Lab;    Joint Public Issues Team:    APJN:    LetsUK;;    NZ LIVING ECONOMIES Educational Trust;    Mother Pelican;  CIT; WBW;  Methodist Kingdom at Work Project, Equality Trust, Council for Eonomic Reform…… and others – to all of which some of our associates relate. Please visit the website, rather underused as it is. It might be a useful form of continuity if a web manager surfaces from our appraisal.

One thing we’ll need to discuss is the value and future of those relationships in the onerous task of generating the deep structural changes society needs so urgently. From our ecumenical faith base, our task is to stir up a particular study and development of the relationship between the deeply rooted dilemmas and their restructuring of:
–  Rent-seeking as the destruction of the earth’s commons
–  The eradication of money creation as a commercial activity involving exploitative interest, and
–  The absence of a provision for a citizens’ basic livelihood

There is a wide range of activity among our associates and finding strength in mutual awareness and encouragement is a significant task worth pursuing….. how best ????

To discuss: Open Council without institutional drag  or Constituted organisation.
Website – a diligent webmaster needed • Resources – where to be stored? • Campaigns – a Crawford proposal • Papers –available in the wee sample  • Books –large range to be recorded, stored and utilised • References –the associates themselves and PC file

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GOD CONTINUOUSLY CREATES  JESUS EXEMPLIFIES faithfulness to the creative tension in the God/neighbour, whole/all parts, kin[g]dom orientation. [IN] CHRIST MARKS the identification of one’s witness in obedience as – Jesus modelled for us. How to Look at the World in a Powerful, Creative Way:

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