Annual Appraisal 2014/15 – Presentation

CCMJ APPRAISAL   June 6th 2015

A]  ASPECTS OF OUR FOCAL ENABLING, ENCOURAGEMENT AND OUTREACH – through our associates and incrementally through their own associations  – such associative awareness and encouragement is richer than a single issue organisation coping with its bureaucracy.  [Theology is the study of common sense humbly determined by a mixed community when the whole and the parts of reality are explored as reflecting each other. [Love God/Neighbour].


a] The Collaborative work on raising the profile of ‘systemic’ [KofG/Prior Communion] thought around ‘inclusive justice’, interpreting and applying the studies of James Quilligan, Fred Harrison, Ray Sheath, Janice Hull, Peter Selby, Peter Dominy, Jeremy Rifkin,  Richard Daly, ?Freeman, David Clark, Anne Primavesi, Prem Sikka, ?Hutchinson,  et al

b] The emergence of a ‘principled pragmatism’ that would hold a vision of a political economy and develop a way to reach it.  The Independent Constitutionalists MANIFESTO  introduces the CHARTER which weaves all together densely, but in the image of a single page:   Note weekly Newscast  started on this site – 4 archived and schedule ready to end of August.

c] Much work on suggesting contemporary terms to represent the concept of the KIN[G]DOM OF GOD. Aramaic nearer to ‘Companionship of Empowerment ‘The Ecclesiastical model we explore and practice is of Chaplaincy:  not of mainstream institutional leadership and membership.


1.  Transposing the concept of the Kin[g]dom of God  into a PEOPLES POLITICAL ECONOMY OF TRUSTEESHIP WITHIN EMERGENT ECOLOGY & EVOLUTION – [PPE of T & EE] – global housekeeping  as  a systemic applicable pattern of achieving inclusive justice within which people feel they contribute, having dignity and opportunity.
2.  2015C a huge exercise in collaboration by ‘Principled Pragmatism’ by the non-hierarchical means of a ‘Self-organising-system’ modelled  as ‘From House to Home via the foundations’. These two displayed. Drafting of a Manifesto and  Charter  to proceed under the strap-line of ‘use the system to become the system to change the system, to rebuild trust.’
3.  The additional work on a systemic understanding of so many associates’ contributions,
4.  The building up of a communications tool kit of many aids – to be made available on the 2015C website.
5.   Under use of the website [Thanks to MF for diligence] but the creation of two websites for the more specific processes of a] Camden’s DemoCafe, and  b]  2015Constitutionalists,  capable of accommodating 650 constituency sub-sections for local development – an act of participative build up.
6. Probing and promoting the potential of a Movement called TRUSTEES ALL or even “The Good Governance Movement” – Justice through Trusteeship.  Reflecting the Covenant – ‘all things under the rainbow’ and on Saturday July 11th a Public discussion of Confederation.


1. CCMJ notices – Elist, website, Newscast – and rallying point for many contributions to the cause.
2. London Global Table weekly – encouraging any who seek inclusive justice, outreach and info via ‘Matters in the Air’ thus: Positive Money – LetslinkUK – Pathways – Citizens Income – Coalition for Economic Justice [LVT] – Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility – COMER – P2P – Occupy – Critical thinking – Ekklesia – Financial Innovation Lab – Trusteeship – National Coalition of Independent Action. etc
3. Recognition of issues related to usury in politics and economics as delineated by the Dundee report of 1962 – setting up Press and other Monitoring of pertinent matters
4. Bringing attention to urgent need for LAND, MONETARY and FISCAL reform, a BASIC INCOME.  All on podcasts in their turn within the systemic whole.
5. a formal Self-Organising-System  for Party and a nascent Movement ‘TRUSTEES ALL’ with website – strap-line: ‘to use the system, to become the system, to change the system’ – developing insights about the necessity for and an approach to systemic change.
6. Democafes [Camden pioneering] – backing this initiative in developing dialogue – own websites
7.  Positive Money as fine palliative education within the system – own website
8.  CCMJ membership of CEJ,- ECCR – Fin. Innovation Lab – Henry GeorgeFdn – NCIA – Grn Pty – Labour et al – Slime Mould Collective.
9.  Exploration of theological resonance – Operation Noah – Progressive Christianity Network – National Justice and Peace Network – THEOS – et al.
10. COMER’s principled legal battle over money creation as public utility.
11. Theological Education – Gorringe  – Northcott – Hull  – Mouatt – Werner – Valentine – Lil – Winkett – Doe – Chandler – Atkinson – Phillips – Selby – St Paul’s Institute – Toft – May – Lancashire  – James – Primavesi – O’Murchu  – Hudson – Dowley – Acklam – Fass – Harrison
12. Richard Nelson’s ‘Self-contained food production’ – trials in many countries
13. Mario Molinari’s – Food Open University’
Add those of which you are aware – and accept my apology for many omissions no doubt

Fred Harrison – ‘THE TRAUMATISED SOCIETY’  [2014] & ‘AS EVIL DOES’ [2015]
Peter Selby ’GRACE AND MORTGAGE’[?]  and ‘AN IDOL UNMASKED’ [2014]
Peter Dominy – ‘DECODING MAMMON’ [2012]
Janice Hull – ‘IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF JESUS’ [2015]
David Rhodes – ‘Finding MR GOLDMAN’  – novel  [2015]
Malcolm Torry – ‘101 REASONS FOR A CITIZEN’S INCOME [June 2015],
John Dinwoodie–  Pilgrimage and Occupy:
David Clark – Major Report on Chaplaincy ‘Kingdom at Work Project’
James Robertson – MONTHLY JOURNAL on the arena
Mother Pelican – international incremental study of earth replenishment
Guy Standing and Barbara Jacobson’s work on Basic Income
……. Add and add…. no doubt…….apology for omissions. See links to: Engagements – Associates Allied Resource Groups – AgenciesDiggersNewsletters & BlogsKey AnalysesPublications – ongoing updates in progress – and apology for many omissions no doubt.

A bit of history…..FUTURE OF THE CHRISTIAN [or COMMON] COUNCIL FOR MONETARY JUSTICE – CCMJ – [see also CSM / US] for and against the label in the titles and articulating statements of universal wisdom and their contemporary application. Bringing attention to urgent need for LAND, MONETARY and FISCAL reform. How niceties of scholarship and rhetoric obscure the reality and cost of faithful discipleship and lead to ‘the neglect of economics as a wound in the side of the church’. Articulating economy as global housekeeping. There is a weekly pick and mix ‘Matters in the Air’ circulation on which we base our networking for 197 associates through the London Global Open Table.  The 2014 Appraisal took the Decision to put organisation and Constitution on hold as we act widely as an association of explorers. This is subject to any decision made at an annual Appraisal.

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