Annual Appraisal 2015/16 – Agenda for Preparatory Meeting

DRAFT AGENDA for CCMJ Annual General Meeting on Sat 14th May 2016 (venue tba)
Preparatory Meeting to be held on Wednesday 4th May 2016 – 4pm at Friends House Euston

1.  Present and Apologies

2.  Appointment of chair and secretary for this meeting – the current constitution also requires a vice-chair and a treasurer – we understand that those last serving in those positions resigned prior to the 2014 appraisal, and we would hope to include temporary holders of those posts, as well as any others willing to form a steering group prior to appointment of officers at the AGM, which according to the current constitution should be held between September and November.

3.  Papers from the 2014 and 2015 Annual Appraisals are now available on the CCMJ wordpress website – please review them prior to the meeting: – see drop-down menu under STRATEGY.  Please note that the current constitution states that the purpose of the AGM shall be: “to elect officers for the coming year, receive reports from retiring officers, and attend to any matters brought to the meeting for consideration. Financial accounts for the previous year shall be presented to the meeting, but shall be audited before being approved by the Council”.

4.  Earlier papers are accessible on the original website – – in particular look at: – the webmaster will continue to upload whatever papers can be founded on the email record to clarify how things have moved from the earlier model of CCMJ as an unincorporated association.  So far it has come to light that moves towards setting up a Constitutionalists Party (ICUK) (now on hold) have come to dominate the agenda of meetings during the past two years.  At least one member present at the 2015  appraisal has specifically stated that he cannot be involved in CCMJ until it disengages from ICUK.

5.  Preparation of proposals for the 2016 Annual Appraisal? What will we be appraising?

————————————————————————————————————————-Gian Andreone has proposed the following headings to assist us in our task:
   i.   Why should the CCMJ exist? History / Present / Future /& Christianity
  ii.   Structure • Internal (see constitution)  • Relationship to existing activities e.g. LGOT.
 iii.   Funding
  iv.  Accountability 
   v.   Learning: Objectivity, empiricism and history? Non-partisan?
  vi.  A written strategy: A mission statement, goals and objectives?
 vii.  Technology
viii.  Under-represented demographics – e.g. women, younger generation and minorities
  ix.  Handover
   x.  Anything else?

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