Warmest seasonal greetings all associates of the London Global open Table, 2014

Allowing for the poetry of a vocative, evocative, provocative force hiding under the shadow of the human metaphor God, I trust you will enjoy this form of seasonal greeting……….


A reminder lies in every birth, of
‘prior unity’ maturing in infinite variety
to reach unique new life born of earth’s community
existing only because life evolves, emerging over aeons
from star dust.

The Golden Rule, so attractive universally,
when held supreme in every faith tradition,
is dangerously flawed; its golden element is ruled
in our day by Idolatry, all values monetised,
its context ignored.

The Double Commitment, required for earthly health
shows cosmic universality of God as essential context
within which all life as neighbourliness,
nothing out of reach of manifested godliness,
hope for the world.

So annually at Christmas humans deliberately recall
a child born to become exemplary,
manifesting potential in each human child,
ever loyal to God, in perceiving stories everywhere
of right relationships.

Stories of the nature of the reign of common good,
so often compromised, but here offered as
a new beginning for old truth
the inextricability of loving god and all neighbours
as being of ourselves.

So overrule the Golden Rule
restore the vitality of a Double Command
a commitment for all, in every way,
to love God: and in that context alone to rediscover
the kin[g]dom of all on earth.


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