Reason and Purpose:
The CHRISTIAN COUNCIL FOR MONETARY JUSTICE searches for inclusive justice and financial systems that don’t exploit. Firm in our sense of that of God in everyone and everything, we welcome all to the exploration and the action, valuing insights from many traditions and from fresh analyses.

Welcome to the website of the CHRISTIAN COUNCIL FOR MONETARY JUSTICE, inquiring deeply into the nature of Jubilee and Inclusive Structural Justice. We distinguish between necessary but insufficient care within the extant political economy [positive palliatives] and the systemic need for ‘principled pragmatism’  to cure the deep injustices of that hierarchical model of political economy.

The Rev Canon Peter Challen, Chairman of CCMJ writes: Browse within to find the pages that take you to the next step you seek. Join us and help us to rectify the insidious distortions in our way of life, generated by usurious money creation.

Reason for our existence: “We read the Gospel as if we had no money, and we spend our money as if we know nothing of the Gospel.” The ecumenical theologian Jurgen Moltmann responded to CCMJ with these telling words: “The neglect of economics is a wound in the side of the church.” ‘The synonym for usury is ruin.” Samuel Johnson The topic of economics is exceedingly difficult to talk about in the First World churches, more taboo than politics or even sex. Yet no aspect of our individual and corporate lives is more crucial in determining human welfare. And few subjects are more frequently addressed in our scriptures. The standard of economic and social justice is woven into the warp and weft of the Bible. Pull this strand and the whole fabric unravels. We have spiritualised and individualised all the great themes that are about inclusive mutuality.” – The Biblical Vision of Sabbath Economics by Ched Myers

These are the matters associates in CCMJ investigate in the light of their contemporary search for social, economic and political sanity. Burdens of debt at personal, corporate, national and international levels and the disregard of biblical teaching on usury are conspiring to create immense social disease…

Recently we have understood more of the other fundamental design fault, springing from the challenging tag that ‘ God is embarrassed by possession’. By failing to understand and correct the effect of enclosure upon any hope of inclusive justice and ecological responsibility, we have allowed the rise of a culture of socially accepted cheating. When the creation of value by a great range of contributors, is gathered by the few as economic rent, an insidious evil comes onto effect and is seen in the appalling scale of the rich poor gap and the disregard for nature’s ways of replenishment. See the page on a Basic Statement. Fred Harrison reminds us of a fundamental fact few can grasp, namely that ‘we shape our buildings, but thereafter our buildings shape us.” 


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