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Note from the Chairman

Linked here is a copy of the minutes of the annual meeting held on 30 October 2004.
These will be amended and/or confirmed at our next annual meeting which has been booked for Saturday 29 October 2005 at the same venue in London as for both 2003 and 2004.

In a speech in the House of Lords on 12 January 2005, in response to a call for less taxation, our President, Bishop Peter Selby, said, inter alia The New Economics Foundation and the Christian Council for Monetary Justice are arguing for financial reform precisely to produce a situation in which we do not need to achieve our public goals by the medium of taxation so exclusively. If money was created exclusively-even if it was created somewhat more-by government and spent in the economy, we would not be in our current position, where it looks always as though public expenditure is a result of taking money out of people's pockets. Money is a public asset. The money that we physically use in shops declares itself to be the product of our society, regulated by government. Is it not, then, surprising, that we do so little to regulate the production of money and financial instruments within the private sector for profit?

It is encouraging to know that the number of membership renewals has been good especially among younger people. To the few who have not had the opportunity to consider renewing membership, your support would be appreciated and you can send membership renewals to Colin J Whitmill at 36 Whitfield Close Bognor Regis, West Sussex PO22 8DY at any time.

Canon Peter Challen - Chairman
January 2005